Our Story

We’re an eco-friendly Canadian candle company co-founded by two sisters. We started experimenting with candle-making in our home kitchen, trying out different formulations and scent combinations that appealed to us. Our passion grew as we created more and more scents that were tailored to our preferences. Scents that would often remind us of places, people and things that had significant meaning in our lives. We were inspired by the ability for scents to elicit memories and the idea of capturing the essence of a memory in a candle came to mind. We knew that we couldn’t be the only ones who would want a scent inspired by a meaningful moment and we’re all about creating olfactory experiences that tell a story – whatever that scent may be. 

When starting our business, it was imperative that we use eco-friendly and sustainable practices. We didn’t want to be another source of consumerism that contributed to the negative effects on the Earth. All of our products are developed and designed to deliver quality performance without compromising the environment. Every component of our candles, and even the packaging we use, is sourced with the environment in mind. We make an effort to continuously learn about sustainable business practices and are actively seeking greener alternatives when and wherever we can. We believe in progress and not perfection when it comes to sustainability. Every bit counts.