One of the reasons why we started Theory Candle Co. was because we were inspired by how scents have the ability to trigger memories. We wanted to give you the chance to create a scent based on whatever it is that’s memorable for you — whether that’s somewhere, someone, or something. That is why we designed this simple process to help you create your own unique scent.


Step 1: Select the inspiration behind your scent. 


‘Somewhere Candles’ are inspired by places and locations that are meaningful to you.

(eg. previous places you have traveled to for vacation, places you went to in your childhood, something that reminds you of home …)


‘Someone Candles’ are for when you want to create a candle that represents a particular individual.


‘Something Candles’ is the undefined category. These scents can be based on a mood, an event or special occasion, or anything else that you can think of that you want to create a scent for. 

Step 2: Pick a theme. 


The inspirations are further divided into smaller categories to better define what you're trying to create. Pick the one that best describes your candle idea to unlock curated fragrance options for you.

Step 3: Choose your main scent notes. 


We recommend selecting 2-3 different fragrances that you think will go well together. Alternatively, you can let us decide for you and we will create a candle that fits the description you have given us. 


*note: During the candle making process, we may choose to add additional fragrance notes that we think will help create a more balanced, well-rounded scent blend.

Step 4: Tell us anything else you think we should know.


This can be anything from preferences, specific instructions to details that will give us a better vision of what you're trying to create. (eg. scent ratios, any fragrances you would like us to avoid, the story behind the inspiration ... )

Step 5: Give your candle a personalized name.

Complete the customization by givng your candle a name. (up to 20 characters)