How to Create Your Own Custom Candle

Step 1: Choose the inspiration behind the scent you are creating. 

Select whether you are creating a scent that represents Somewhere, Someone or Something. From there, each category is then further divided into themes that narrow down our scent collection. Select the theme that best describes what you are trying to create.

Step 2: Select your fragrance notes. 

Each theme has its own list of specially curated fragrance notes. Select which fragrance notes you would like your candle to have. We recommend selecting 1-3 options that you think will blend well together. (If you can’t decide, simply check the option “help me decide” and leave it to our candle makers to pick the fragrance notes for you based on your theme). 

Step 3: Give us any other details you would like us to know. 

We recommend telling us the preferred ratio of the notes you selected, any scents you wish for us to avoid, and anything you think we should know. Feel free to tell us the story behind the scent. We'd love to know and it would help us capture what you're trying to achieve. 

Step 4: Give your candle a name. 

Personalize your candle by giving it a name. 

Step 5: We get to work. 

Our candle makers will take your answers and start creating your custom candle. Each candle is made to order and will take approximately 10-14 days to process.